Infinity Design provides a full service consultancy, employing over two decades of end-to-end product development with a focus on Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients. This finely tuned focus has been developed in order to provide clients with an unequal advantage when developing and taking their projects to market. Infinity’s alliance with TZ Limited, a publicly listed ASX company, provides a unique global approach, enabling exploration of potential markets and new user groups.

Infinity is highly regarded for being responsive, flexible and adaptable, with an extensive network of global manufacturing suppliers, that enable us to develop fully resolved products and services. Our experienced team of project and technology managers contribute to driving our diverse design capabilities to ensure a cohesive balance between a product’s functionality and aesthetic permutations.
Our large customer base ranges from entrepreneurs to SMEs and large corporate entities, with an emphasis on fostering long-term client engagement, developing an intimate understanding of product potential and divergent applications.

With our industry and client lineage, we’ve realised that strong relationships are based on trust, respect and understanding. By working side-by-side with our clients, focussing on their goals and listening to their expertise, we’ve been able to build long-standing and successful design partnerships with many leading National and International organisations.