ourPAD Launched in Stockholm

“The product was first introduced to the public during the Post-Expo in Stockholm in September, where it was well received by international industry representatives.”

Industry representatives from around the world gathered at this year’s Post-Expo in Stockholm to see the official launch of the OurPAD. The product can be best described as the next generation of mailboxes that allow you to receive mail, packages and groceries securely at your home at any time of the day, regardless of whether you are there to collect.

Infinity Design was responsible for the industrial design element while working closely with the TZ team to integrate the OurPAD’s cutting edge technology. Together, the team was faced with the challenge of delivering the solution in a short time frame without compromising on the quality of the outcome. User research was conducted to identify how the product should be used by the courier and the end customer. These findings were used to design the products touch panel interface and supporting app.
The form also proposed another challenge as the product design needed to be identifiable as a mailbox however also needed to cater for parcels of varying size and shape. Prototypes were created to help solve how to best organise the OurPAD’s parcel bays to maximise capacity without impacting the visual size of the unit. The end solution features a large letter slot for mail a selection of small, medium and large lockers that can be freestanding or mounted to a wall or a fence.

The OurPAD was a highlight at the show generating great interest in TZ’s forward thinking and has since lead to orders being placed by reputable postal companies.