Product: TZ PAD Parcel Expo Singapore 2015 Stand
Client: TZ Limited

“Infinity Design created an open traffic scheme, that provided an engaging experience around the central demonstration area.”

Infinity Design collaborated with TZ Limited to produce the TZ Packaged Asset Delivery trade stand for Parcel Expo Singapore 2015. The stand showcased the production version of the ourPAD residential parcel delivery unit, and the improved retail, parcel and logistics locker system, developed and launched in conjunction with Singapore Post.

The stand design uses a flow-through traffic island scheme and is open on both sides, allowing attendees to move through the space and view both products increased movement, and without being restricted to a traditional single entry space. This provided an engaging experience around the central demonstration area, with increased viewing access. Dedicated formal and casual meeting zones at either end of the stand allowed visitors to transition from the central demonstration area to conduct discussions with technical and marketing staff.

The use of clear acrylic perimeter dividers increased viewing access around the entire perimeter of the stand, with the use of branding elements providing subtle seclusion and meeting area division.

All stand elements were flat-packable and designed to be easily erected and disassembled, reducing bump-in and bump-out times. Power was supplied to a central core, with minimal services installation required. Within the 7m x 3m stand, the open walled island scheme provided an efficient use of space, reducing low traffic confined zones.

The stand was designed to create a high visual impact with minimal visual elements, which was reflected in the spend. The stand was realised in consultation with local suppliers to reduce freight expenses, with the requirement that it be easily fabricated using a standard partitioning system, with minimal customisation.