Design is in The Mind And
Soul of Our Business.

Infinity Design’s guiding principle is to produce world-class industrial design solutions, creating products that make a difference to people’s lives and the world around them. Infinity Design employs a highly meticulous and broad spectrum approach encompassing industrial design, electronic design, testing and manufacturing, software development, user interface design and visual communication, to ensure success when taking your product to market. Infinity Design also provides strong electronics and software capabilities, enabling the full exploration of technology, applications, user experiences and tangible outcomes.

Ultimately how people experience your product will define your success, and at Infinity, we realise that a great design is something that people love to use. With numerous awards and global recognition, we’ve learnt that the best design will also be the one that makes sense to you, matching your vision and your business parameters, creating a fresh approach that will make new and profitable things possible.





We Deliver Human Design, Engineered for Life.

With a strong heritage of disruptive design and innovation, Infinity Design have developed the ability to preempt user requirements, producing necessary outcomes and solutions that are true game changers in an environment that is largely focused on obsolescence and replication. Great design breaks free of the customary and repetitious approach to design, reframing the situation and increasing product longevity and potential. Because we understand this, we constantly challenge thinking and expand user perceptions of 'how' products work, 'why' they're necessary and 'what' are the measurable improvements.

Through understanding human needs and desires, this becomes the important key to influencing responses to your product. These insights create amazing new possibilities and reveal the ones that aren’t feasible – so we get inside the idea and examine it from every angle to extract the best solution.

By working side-by-side with our clients, focusing on their goals and listening to their expertise, we have been able to build long-standing and successful design-led partnerships with many leading National and International organisations. Our client base is highly diverse with projects covering Consumer and Homewares, Sports and Recreation, Medical and Scientific, Building and Construction, Lighting, Software and Apps, Business and Industrial, and Packaging sectors.

We Know That Collaboration is The Key to Real World Success.