About: Design Process

Effective collaboration and a deep understanding of the problem at hand, is what underpins every great design solution. Our aim is to immerse ourselves in your world so that we may imagine and deliver the optimal solution. Because every project is different, we work with you to create a design methodology customised to your goals and built around our 4 key steps:

IDENTIFY By extensively researching current markets and collaborating closely with you, we begin to empathise with your needs and target prime opportunities. Together, we create the project scope and requirements, sharing ideals and expectations.

IMMERSE Immersing ourselves fully, we are able to reveal every piece of the design puzzle and recognize prospects for innovative solutions.

IMAGINE With newly acquired knowledge and foresight, we strive to imagine all practical possibilities for solutions. Collaborating with you, we filter these down into viable solutions to be prototyped and tested.

IMPLEMENT Using our accumulated expertise and network of established contacts, we help to facilitate a smooth transition into the manufacturing phase, ensuring the integrity of the final design is maintained throughout the process.