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At Infinity we believe it is our responsibility as product designers to ensure the things we create consider and address social and ethical issues in the consumerist culture that we live in. Socially responsible design is not a new concept, and is relevant for all people and organisations that develop products. Therefore, we ensure it is something that is discussed openly throughout all stages of a project and is at the forefront of our team’s minds.

Cost is often the driving factor of the development of a product, but we still include consideration for the social aspects of the product. We do this by keeping the client informed, conducting user group testing and evaluating a product with some key values in mind:

  • Equality – the product must be inoffensive and non-discriminatory to any person or group of people. It must be made with consideration to the people making the product as much as the people using the product
  • Sustainability – specification of sustainable materials to manufacture the product, and using processes that have minimal impact on the environment should always be considered. Consideration must be given to the product’s longevity, and end-of-life.
  • Inclusion – does the product promote participation and positive human interaction?
  • Safety – is paramount. All products must comply with relevant safety standards for production and operation.

Our core values include honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness. And to practice generosity with compassion towards clients, suppliers and colleagues alike.

Due to the nature of the consulting environment we operate in, the types of products we develop and their intended use is largely defined by our clients. We still offer guidance to our clients to make decisions that limit negative impact and promote positive features of the intended product. For example, we can recommend alternative, less harmful, recyclable, or recycled materials to use. We can identify market sectors that the client may not be aware of to help promote the positive features of a particular product, such as high-quality materials and assembly techniques to ensure product longevity.

Our goal is to create a better world to live in through the products we design and create. Two project examples which demonstrate this at their essence are a solar lighting and power system for developing countries, and a packaging design project for a charity organisation that generates employment for people with disabilities. You can read more about these projects on our website here:

  • Solar Powered Lighting to increase safety and independence for families in developing countries. Read more here.
  • The Multicap Fruit Bowl project is a good example of a simple product that can have a large impact on the people that interact with the product, and the environment around it, from production to the end of the product’s life. Read more here.

Ultimately, we aim to make great products that make a positive difference to people’s lives and the world around them. You can read more about Infinity Design and the wide range of projects we have worked on by visiting our website here.

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