Trinity Kickstarter Success

“The vision for the Trinity ONE is simple – to create a high quality brewing device for high quality coffee.”

Trinity Coffee Co. engaged Infinity Design in late 2014 to design and prototype a high quality brewing device for high quality coffee, the Trinity One. It was launched on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter with a $60,000 goal and successfully funded by 333 backers pledging $106,528 in July 2015.

The prototype was exhibited and demonstrated at the Cafe Biz Expo held in Brisbane in May 2015. The Trinity One was put to the test with over 200 coffees being served over the two days to expo visitors, roasters, baristas, retailers and judges including World Barista Champion 2015, Sasa Sestic. The weighted cylinder used for air pressure brew method attracted particular interest as it offers a new benchmark for brewing consistency and reliability.

The project had many design challenges to resolve including the requirement for a transparent double walled brew chamber with hidden fastening details and the ability to function seamlessly for multiple brewing methods. Extensive prototyping and testing was conducted to ensure that the design performs reliably and is suitable for production.

Infinity Design captured the vision of Trinity Coffee Co. founder, Mark Folker by creating a usable and eye-catching device to brew consistent tasting specialty coffee. Infinity Design has been involved from the infancy of the project all the way through to present; managing the volume manufacturing stages.