Product: Passive Fire Systems Floor Waste Fire Collar
Client: Passive Fire Systems

“The Passive Fire Systems Fire Collar prevents fire spreading between floors through the building’s PVC pipes.”

The Passive Fire Systems Fire Collar prevents fire spreading between floors through the building’s plumbing during a multi-storey fire event.

While fire collars are not new, many use an intumescent (swelling) material only to close off the pipe, or use a mechanical means to push intumescent material against the softening pipe. The PFS Fire Collar is an innovative enhancement of fire collar technology which quickly closes off each pipe to block the progression of fire.

Passive Fire Systems engaged Infinity to solve the problem of quickly and reliably sealing off a melting pipe to prevent the spread of fire in under 2.5 minutes (to comply with Australian Standard 1530.4- 2005). Although many shut-off designs were considered and tested, the 4 point Jaw mechanism was by far the stand-out performer.

The form of the wings has been designed to shut off a PVC pipe by not penetrating the pipe but rather gently closing the pipe, keeping the PVC material intact and using it to seal the void. The speed and effectiveness of the PFS wing and spring shut off system is what distinguishes it from other fire collars in the marketplace.

The PFS fire collar design uses intumescent material as a secondary shut-off to help close the pipe opening. It expands in contact with fire and excessive heat, filling any void and creating an airtight barrier, resistive to temperatures in excess of 1200°C.

The unique intumescence used in the product is moulded from an innovative polymer composite, which unlike material used in other fire collars, will not deteriorate in the presence of moisture. The collar will perform its function even after it has been exposed to moisture from a leaking pipe or high humidity.

In addition to their primary function the wings in the PFS design improve the waste pipe installation process by helping to keep the pipe straight while the slab is being poured. The product is designed to be robust during construction but uses minimal material to allow competitive pricing.

Demonstration Video