Product: SBA Music – Lora
Client: SBA Music

“A complete software and hardware solution to deliver scheduled digital music to retail and commercial customers.”

SBA Music is an Australian company specialising in complete software and hardware solutions to deliver scheduled digital music to retail and commercial customers.

Infinity collaborated with SBA during the development of their new music playing device called the Lora. Capable of multiple channels of Audio and Video, the Lora is touted as the greatest innovation yet for the company. Lora can play different music in multiple rooms and also handle digital signage needs, all from a device with a very small footprint.

We worked with SBA to integrate their technology into a compact and robust enclosure. The use of an angle cut extruded aluminium frame not only gives the product a modern retro feel, but also enables simple and easy assembly. This was critical in meeting SBA’s brief for a cost effective and robust solution.

The combination of injection moulded plastic and anodised aluminium creates a premium feel that complements and enhances the functionality of the product.