Product: Trinity Coffee Press
Client: Trinity Coffee Co.

“The vision for the Trinity ONE is simple – to create a high quality brewing device for high quality coffee.”

The vision for the Trinity ONE is simple – to create a high quality brewing device for high quality coffee. Trinity Coffee Co. discovered that by engaging Infinity Design to apply the full range of Industrial Design capabilities, a good idea became a commercial realisation.

The Trinity One is your ‘go to’ device for brewing specialty coffee. Combining a number of brewing methods including pour over, air pressure, and cold brew, it reduces bench top clutter and provides a functional, minimalist brewing experience. To top it off, the Trinity One is presented in a high quality stainless steel and black walnut timber finish.

The Trinity One was developed, launched and successfully funded on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter following the vision of Trinity Coffee Co. founder, Mark Folker. The overall aim of the product design brief is to brew consistent tasting specialty coffee with a usable and eye-catching device targeted at the specialty coffee market. Infinity Design also captured Mark’s desire for the brewing process to be easily viewed by end users from different angles. Extensive prototyping and testing was conducted to ensure that the design performs reliably and is suitable for production. Infinity Design has been involved from the infancy of the project all the way through to managing the volume manufacturing stages.

The Brew Chamber of the Trinity ONE is double-walled for thermal insulation where the design challenges of hiding fastening details and implementing transparent features were resolved. The lower half of the chamber is a cylindrical section for brewing air pressure method using a weighted cylinder that presses the coffee by itself. The upper half of the chamber is a conical opening for brewing pour over method using paper or metal cone filters. Cold brew can be achieved by using the entire brew chamber and flow controller for long and continuous immersion.

The Trinity ONE Filter Head has been designed to house a paper or metal disc filter, and fits to the bottom of the Brew Chamber. The Filter Head includes a twin spouted flow control feature, which allows the user to retain coffee within the insulated chamber and also to dispense coffee. By turning the flow control to ‘off’ it is possible to steep grounds for as long as you want, or use for continuous immersion for cold brew method. After the brewing process is complete, the Filter Head can be removed and the spent grounds can be easily discarded.

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