Product: Megabay Zimano LED Downlight
Client: Megabay

“All the beauty of a lamp with all the benefits of LED.”

The Zimano LED downlight is the first real digital downlight range that re-creates the beauty of a halogen lamp. The product utilises Sunset Dim™ LED technology and emits a warmer light as the light is dimmed, which closely matches halogen lighting.

The range includes 2 models with different wattages for different ceiling heights, and an optional adjustable mount with off-axis pivot for custom alignments and a deeper recess for reduced glare. The discrete and minimal housing allows for a seamless look when installed.

Infinity has worked with Megabay on numerous lighting products for a variety of applications. The Zimano is a stand-out in the Megabay range due to its revolutionary LED technology, thermal protection sensor, and performance heatsink that enables rapid cooling.  Infinity was engaged by Megabay to develop the product from concept initiation through to volume production.