Product: Multicap Fruit Bowl
Client: Multicap

“A folded object satisfied these demands with the origami style process of assembling the bowl providing rigidity and structural integrity.”

Multicap is a high needs disability support organisation in Queensland which provides opportunities for disabled individuals to perform meaningful work through enterprises such as Multi-Fresh – an employment opportunity involving the packaging of fruit which is delivered to businesses on a weekly basis.

Infinity teamed up with Multicap to help them create a new packaging process and product, the Multi-Fresh Fruit Bowl, which not only protects the fruit during transport but also transforms into an attractive fruit bowl which better suits the corporate lunchroom or boardroom environment.

With cost sensitivity as a major factor, a flat pack and simple assembly drove the design of the Multi-Fresh Fruit Bowl. A folded object satisfied these demands with the origami style process of assembling the bowl providing rigidity and structural integrity. As the lid to the package is removed, the clean white fruit bowl blooms into an inviting display of colourful fruit. The lid doubles as a clever base for the open fruit bowl.

Usability tests were conducted with multiple prototype packages to determine easy assembly and handling for the Multicap workers and also practicality in transporting and storing fruit. The folding package is easy to assemble and considers important details such as removing sharp corners that could damage fruit and a form that enhances visual appeal.

The transformation of the package into an appealing fruit bowl required constant trial and analysis to produce a structurally sound container which would also seamlessly transform into an aesthetically pleasing fruit bowl.

The multi-fresh fruit packages originally used simple polystyrene boxes, which were prone to damage and difficult to keep clean. Instead a food grade polypropylene is used for the Fruit Bowl. As one of the most neutral plastics, polypropylene is great for the packaging of foods and its strength and recyclability made it an obvious choice for the new environmentally sustainable packaging. The packaging was designed to be able to be delivered to Multicap as pre-cut, scored and flat packed polypropylene sheets. The sheets are folded and pushed into assembly jigs ready for fruit to be added, with the lid holding the bowl in the closed position.

Everything is possible and something as simple as a well-designed package with an innovative approach to assembly and marketing can have a big impact. Creating a new job description within the Multi-Fresh enterprise, the Fruit Bowl has generated more employment for those challenged with disabilities and successfully expanded this idea and the market for Multi-Fresh.

2014 Powerhouse Museum Selection Award