Product: SKY RIGGER®
Client: SEA ULCER®

“Fish on a new high.”


The SKY RIGGER® takes fishing to another level by enabling drone pilots to safely fly a bait or lure out to sea and silently target fish from above. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never fished before, SKY RIGGER® expands your view to experience fishing like you have never imagined.

The SKY RIGGER® offers three unique drone fishing methods: 1) Dropping 2) Dangling and 3) Trolling. The ability to capture, relive and share offshore fishing action for game fish such as tuna, mackerel, marlin and kingfish is revolutionary. Its fishing made easy, and accessible for everyone.

SEA ULCER® started their journey as entrepreneurs after chatting over a beer one afternoon, asking the question: “Could you catch a fish with a drone?” Intrigued to find out if it was possible, they built a homemade drone attachment.

Infinity then worked in partnership with SEA ULCER® from their early stages as a start-up to develop concepts through to design-for-manufacture for compatibility with a wide range of drones. The materials selection was based on performing reliably in harsh outdoor and marine conditions. Other key design features include adjustable fishing line clamp tension, unobstructed take-off, camera clearance, generous range of articulation and smooth landing.

The product was launched in October 2018, with SEA ULCER® already capturing the market’s imagination and featuring in Channel 7 news.

SKY RIGGER® – The world’s first drone fishing accessory.

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