Product: Makarlu Lotus
Client: Body Organics

“Inspired by Nature, Made for Movement”

Body Organics approached Infinity with the intent of developing a completely unique product that aids in the physical rehabilitation of patients, yet is also an attractive centre-piece that can be displayed in a modern home or studio when not in use.

The Makarlu Lotus is a rehabilitation aid that consists of three nesting domes and a rocking base that all connect magnetically. Infinity worked with Body Organics to draw upon their years of leading health care and rehabilitation experience and have developed a product unlike any other on the market. The Makarlu Lotus utilises differing textures, hardness and sizes of domes to allow the user to customise the product to specific exercises. The product enables a range of exercises, while remaining compact enough that it can be transported easily for use in the office, home or when travelling.

Body Organics are a multidisciplinary health care practice that use a range of treatments with the aim ‘to take your health to a better place’. The practice has moved beyond just providing the best care for its patients and is now providing training and products to help the industry provide a better experience for all.

Infinity Design helped Body Organics to focus their extensive knowledge into a rehabilitation aid that allows the ‘in- studio’ experience to extend into the home or office ensuring that patient is still able to perform the exercise correctly. Body Organics’ aim was to connect users with nature in addition to treating their health and wellbeing. The product draws inspiration from the Lotus flower, starting from a hard-smooth seed on the inside to a soft blooming flower on the outside. It utilises hardwearing, locally produced materials to ensure a long product life and low impact on the environment.

Body Organics have structured exercise and rehabilitation plans that are tailored specifically to the use of the Makarlu Lotus to improve the rehabilitation experience. The company has seen the product used around the world and have even started to create educational programs to help others get the most out of the product.